Building Web Security Awareness Top10 Blog Articles

Here is the compiled list of some of the H2S Blog Articles, providing quick understanding and awareness on Web Security.


1. OWASP Top 10 (2017) Web App Security Risk creates awareness about security risk for a wide-range of organizations and provides provable solutions.

BLOG: OWASP Top 10 (2017) Web App Security Risk.

2. Understanding SQL Injection Attacks. Attackers use the SQL injection vulnerability to compromise the authentication or even imitate certain users.

BLOG: Understanding Sql Injection Attacks

3. Understanding Broken Access Control Risk. Unauthorized access to the system resources and functionality can lead to exploitable vulnerability, which results in harmful and expensive outcomes for the company.

BLOG: Understanding Broken Access Control Risk 

4. Exploring XML External Entity Attack. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability while processing the XML external data to consume memory resources or expose sensitive information.

BLOG: Exploring Xml External Entity Attack 

5. Understanding The Cross Site Scripting Attack allows the attackers to hijack personal information, ruin websites and redirect target to malicious sites. Explore how to prevent XSS.

BLOG: Understanding The Cross Site Scripting Attack

6. How SSL TLS Protocol Utilizes Cryptography And PKI. It creates a framework for the web browser and server to identify themselves and negotiate on a cryptographic standard and key.

BLOG: How Ssl Tls Protocol Utilizes Cryptography And Pki

7. Web Session Management Explore the ins and outs of secure web session management with advice on prevention steps

BLOG: Web Session Management 

8. A defense-in-depth approach to avoid, as well as mitigate software errors that in turn reduces the possibility of successful application security attacks.

BLOG: Defensive Application Coding Practices: Secrets

9. It prevents rapid incident response and allows continuous penetrating for vulnerabilities.

BLOG: Insufficient Logging And Monitoring A Brief Walk Through

10. Insight into Web Services Security Testing creates an awareness about the recent posture of security testing of web service, which offers a secondary route to attack the web applications.

BLOG: Insight Into Web Services Security Testing


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