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Secure Web Application Development Lifecycle Practitioner (SWADLP)

Secure Software Development Life Cycle or Secure SDLC is a systematic and structured concept to integrate Security at every phase of Software Development Life Cycle. Ensuring security in a product from scratch, not only helps in ensuring all compliances and basic security requirements but can also assist in implementing Security Controls at Low Cost. It is adopted as a standard procedure by organizations to meet the industry requirements and deliver high-quality and secure software.

Secure Web Application Development Lifecycle Practitioner (SWADLP) Certification program evaluates individual's implementation level skills in Security practices required to ensure Secure Application Development. This program ensures candidate's awareness on Application Security Challenges, Threats, Standards, Best Practices and Assurance methodologies along with hands-on implementation level knowledge and skill-sets. 

SWADLP is based on globally recognized Standards and Industry best practices to ensure knowledge and understanding of Secure Application Development Requirements. It walks through 7 phases of Secure Software Development Lifecycle and provide required strategies and processes to integrate Security at every level.

SWADLP Certification Helps you by:

  • Validating your expertise & knowledge in Application Security Domain
  • Ensuring Real time skills required to handle Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Industry Standards & Best Practices
  • Developing mindset and approach to manage Security Risk
  • Get Global Recognition and Credibility
  • Ensuring effective skills to measure and implement security controls

Who needs to obtain SWADLP Certification?

Scope of Secure Web Application Development Lifecycle Practitioner (SWADLP) program is for anyone who is involved in Application Development process from both Management and Technical front.

  • Management Team
    • Software Development & Program Managers
    • Leads, Project Assurance Team
    • CxO, Directors, VPs
  • Research & Development Team
    • Software/Application Architects
    • Developers
    • Software Testing Team (QA)
    • Software Analyst
    • Consultants, Research Engineers
  • Product Security Team/Office
    • CISO, Assurance & Compliance Officer
    • Security Managers, Consultants
    • Auditors, Security Engineers, Testers and Analyst
    • Application Penetration Testers
  • Students
    • Looking to pursue career in Secure Software Development and Management
  • Anyone
    • Who is interested in exploring Secure SDLC process and practices

Length of Exam       150 min.
Number of Questions      90
Question Format        Multiple Choice
Exam Language         English
Exam Mode        Proctored
Passing Grade                  60% [600 out of 1000 points]
Testing Center       PearsonVUE Authorized Testing Center
Exam Cost        $250
Renew         After every 4 Years


  • SWADLP exams are proctored and delivered globally through PearsonVue Test centers.
  • SWADLP Exam attempt must be scheduled at-least 24 hrs in advance and will be activated in your Hack2Secure's account according to terms of your purchase.
  • Details on delivery along with Registration confirmation will be sent over Email on confirmation of payment.
  • SWADLP exam is delivered online through a standard Web Browser.

Exam Objectives

** Refer Candidate Reference Guide for Detailed Exam Objectives

Secure SDLC Phase#1: Security Awareness

The candidate needs to demonstrate an understanding knowledge on Information Security concepts, different Software Security Standards and Assurance Methodologies

Secure SDLC Phase#2: Building Security Requirements

The candidate needs to demonstrate an understanding knowledge of primary Software Security Requirements and Best practices.

Secure SDLC Phase#3: Ensuring Secure Design

The candidate needs to demonstrate an understanding knowledge of Secure Software Design requirements

Secure SDLC Phase#4: Secure Implementation (Coding)

The candidate needs to demonstrate an understanding knowledge of Common Software Coding Programming errors, Best Practices to avoid those and Secure Code review Guidelines.

Secure SDLC Phase#5: Web Application Security Testing

The candidate needs to demonstrate an understanding knowledge of Common Software Security Testing methods, tools and techniques.

Secure SDLC Phase#6: Security Review & Response

The candidate needs to demonstrate an understanding knowledge of Security practices required to build Software Final Review and Response Plan.

Secure SDLC Phase#7: Securing Maintenance Cycle

The candidate needs to demonstrate an understanding knowledge of Security practices required in Maintenance Phase.

** Refer Candidate Reference Guide for Detailed Exam Objectives

Hack2Secure exams are delivered in a proctored environment via PearsonVUE. The time limit for SWADLP Exam is 150 minutes. The steps to obtain this certification is described as below:
1. Obtain Required Skills

Once you have decided to get SWADLP Certification, you can start the preparation for the same. No specific training is required for this Certification. One can opt for any available source of information for required certification syllabus/topics.

Hack2Secure's SWADLP Workshop is another option to get trained by Industry Experts.

2. Register and Schedule the Exam
Once you have acquired the required skill sets for SWADLP exam, then you can book or schedule the exam. Hack2Secure Exams needs to be scheduled at-least 24 hrs in advance of the day you wish to test.

  • Create an account at Pearson Vue by providing required information
  • Schedule an Exam at your preferred Testing Location
  • Submit Examination Fee

Confirmation on paid Examination Fee and Exam appointment will be sent over Email

3. Write & Pass the Exam
Once the exam is been scheduled, Candidate needs to visit the testing location half an hour before the scheduled exam time with two forms of Government approved ID proofs. Follow the procedure and appear for the exam.

Pass the SWADLP exam with a scaled score of 60% or greater. Your result (pass/fail) will be shown on your screen immediately after you've completed your exam. And the detailed score report can be collect from the test administrator. Make sure that you keep records of your score report with your exam registration number

In case you have not Passed the exam with required points, review your exam report properly in order to find out which areas need improvement. Refer Hack2Secure Exam Retake Policy to re-appear for exam

4. Get Certified
Once you have completed the exam successfully, you will get to see the Exam Report immediately on the screen and you get a copy of the same. However your certificate copy will be provided to you within 7-10 day after your examination date on your registered Email.

5. Maintain your Certification
Once you have received the Certificate, It will be valid for the next 4 years from the date of issue. After 4 years you will need to renew the Certificate again in order to keep it valid.

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