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STEP # 1 : Exam Registration


How to Register for Hack2Secure Exams?

Visit www.pearsonvue.com/hack2secure and Create Account by providing required details. Complete the Registration Process with correct required details as these details will be used for further communication. For Detailed Step by step Registration Guide, refer Hack2Secure Candidate Registration and Exam Scheduling Guide

Who can register for Hack2Secure Exams?

Hack2Secure’s Cert program is Open for All. It can be taken by Technical Professionals, Management and Students. This program has scope for everyone despite of their Role and Responsibility in IT Industry. If you are confident enough on your skills and awareness level knowledge in Information Security domain, this Challenge is for you to get Assessment, Accreditation and Certification to boost your Professional career scope and opportunities.

I will register now, but will write the exam later. Can I do that?

Yes, this is possible. There is no restrictions for you to write the exam within the certain period of time after scheduling. You can choose to Schedule Exam anytime and earn Exam certificate on passing the exam.

Why do I have to provide my address when registering for an exam?

During each exam registration, you will be prompted to provide a mailing address. This information is used by Pearson VUE to provide you with the all testing centers in your area when you are scheduling your exam. Please provide a valid and current mailing address. We cannot accept to PO Boxes or APO/FPO/DPO addresses

STEP # 2 : Exam Scheduling


When can I schedule my Exam?

You can appear for Hack2Secure exams at any PearsonVUE Authorized Test Center and scheduling of exam completely depends on available slot at your preferred/nearest ATC. Exam should be scheduled atleast 24 hours prior to your preferred exam delivery time.

How to Schedule Hack2Secure Exams?

To Schedule Exam, refer Hack2Secure Candidate Registration and Exam Scheduling Guide Ensure to Read and Agree with Hack2Secure Policies and your Name matches as per documents provided under Admission Policy.

Can I Reschedule or Cancel my Exam?

You can Re-schedule your exam but can’t cancel. Re-scheduling should be done at-least 24hrs before Exam delivery Time. You can re-schedule Exam either using your Pearson Account or by Contacting PearsonVUE Customer Care.

STEP # 3 : Exam Delivery


How are the exams delivered?

Hack2Secure exams are delivered in a proctored environment at any Pearson Vue ATC. Refer, www.pearsonvue.com/hack2secure to locate Test Centre near your location

Where do I take the exams?

Hack2Secure has selected Pearson VUE as our primary partner to deliver proctored exams through their network of host locations.Find a Pearson VUE testing center near you.

What should I expect on the day of the exam?

Pearson Vue has created a video to guide you with some tips about your exam day. For more exam details Click here.

Why I need to show related Documents while appearing for Exam?

Candidate needs to adhere with Hack2Secure Exam Policies. This is required to ensure smooth Exam process globally, assuring correct candidate is taking exam and to avoid any discrepancy among candidates. At Pearson Test Center, Proctor will be validating your Registered Name against provided documents. He will also be validating your Signature and capture your Photograph.

Refer: Hack2Secure Candidate Testing Policy

           Hack2Secure Candidate ID Policy

Will I be able to see my results immediately after exam?

Yes. Soon after you finish your exam you will see your results in form of pass/fail on screen. However the detailed copy of the score report can be collected from the test administrator.

STEP # 4 : Retake Policies


I did not PASS in my first attempt and want to Re-take Exam. What should I do now?

You can always Re-Take Exam. Refer Hack2Secure Retake Policy

I Passed the Exam. Can I Re-take to Improve my Score?

No, once you have passed the exam you cannot take the same exam again for the next 4 years.

STEP # 5 : General


Can I attempt a Hack2Secure certification exam without formal training?

Yes, Our Certification exams can be given without prior Hack2Secure Certification Training if you are confident enough about your subject knowledge and skills. However, it is always recommended to take the necessary training before appearing for the exam which will help to bridge the knowledge gap.

Do I have to take the Exam within a certain time period after taking the qualifying course?

No.There is no set time frame for taking the exam after attending the class.

How soon after the proctored exam will I receive the Hack2secure certificate?

After Successful completion of a Hack2secure Certification exam, the soft copy of the Certificate will be delivered to you on the email address provided within 7-10 business days.

Can I request a Hard/Framed Copy of my certificate?

Hack2Secure do not provide any framed copy of a certificate unless there is a corporate request for the same.

Can I see what I got wrong on my exam?

Unfortunately, we can't provide a question-by-question breakdown of what you got right and what you got wrong. If we did so, it would reveal too much information about the exam and possibly compromise the exam's integrity for future students.

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