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About Threat Modelling

Application security design means designing the application in a secure way that it should not have any flaws in it which can be a big IT risk to the application. Design level security should be adopted at an early level of an application. Threat Modeling one way of designing an application in a way that it will not have any flaws.

Threat Modeling is a structured approach to identify, quantify and analyze possible security threats in an application. It an iterative process which begins with identifying the assets of an organization, prioritizing them according to their critically to the system, Identifying the possible risks IT and threats associated with it and analyze them to assess their impact.

Hack2Secure's Application Secure Design service is one of its kind,unique and dedicated security service which is conducted during product design phase of an application, where we assist organizations to design, detect and analyze application architecture and design flaws. It provides a set of documents like security objectives, identification of relevant threats and corresponding countermeasures that can be used to create security specifications and security testing. We suggest recommendations and remediation measures that are applied to reduce the impact of risks.

  • Analyse Security Threats, their impact & countermeasures: This Feature of Application Secure design will evaluate the potential risk to the facility from a given threat, what impact it will have on an Application and finally identify countermeasure upgrades that will lower the various levels of risk. 
  • Identify and Analyse Architecture & Design Security Flaws: This feature will help identify the Flaws in an application/software early at the design level, which will reduce the costly rework to address security defects found later in the SDLC.
  • Vendor independent design: Hack2Secure can develop a Vendor Independent design which is based typically on product functionality, protocols used and workflow.
  • Flexible: H2S Secure design can be done for specific component or feature or product as a Whole.
  • Systematic Threat Chart: H2S can generate Systematic threat chart to show you what are the threats that an organisation might be effected to and how to countermeasure them.
  • Assistance: Assist Security Architects, Testers & Auditors in Security Analysis process.
  • Assist developers to address possible security threats in early product development stage.
  • Assist QA or testers to design and test applicable threats and respective scenarios based on identified vulnerabilities.

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