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About Application Security Testing

Software or Application Security Testing is all about checking software/application behavior in presence of malicious attacks. It encompasses measures taken throughout code's life cycle to prevent gaps in security policy of an application or underlying system vulnerabilities through flaws in design, development, deployment, upgrade or maintenance of an application, and finally, making them secure enough to avoid being exploited.

Hack2Secure's Application Security Testing Services provides a unique approach of Risk based and Grey Box testing to ensure every feature, component and functionality of an individual application is treated separately and test are developed around them introducing  complexity and limitations in code and application feature. This service provides a process to ensure Security in design phase itself to help developers to foresee applicable security threats and ensure balance between functional complexity and Security.

  • Risk Based Testing (RBT): Our Priority-based testing is based on identified Risk in the system and creating Test Scenarios driven by those risks. Here, Risk prioritization is done based on features and functionality of an application. This approach helps in mitigation and analysing of Security Risk along with containing impact caused by accidental missed-out defects.
  • Grey Box Approach: Thinking out of box: Our Unique Grey Box Security Testing Methodology dig deeper than traditional black-box approach by probing both presentation layer and functional testing of security apparatuses. This approach can be viewed as strategic combination of White box and Black box testing. Here, Functional Specifications and interface definitions are the basis on which test scenarios are designed.
  • Testing throughout Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): We integrate Security testing throughout your software development life cycle to ensure well measurable security from all prospects. This not only helps engineer to foresee associated security risk but also reduces chances of effecting product functionality in last stages.
  • Compliance based: Every industry or domain has a certain set of specifications or industry standards which are to be complied with, while performing security testing. Our optimized Security Test based on targeted industry or domain helps you in achieving the same.
  • Threat Model based: Our unique threat modeling approach helps in identifying possible threats at the initial phase of development and derive test scenarios based on the same.
  • Integrated Vulnerability Analysis: Regular Vulnerability Analysis of a product is performed to identify potential security risk and vulnerabilities, especially from integrated 3rd part libraries and packages.

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