Information Security Services implementation and consulting services

Technology today have radically changed the business landscape. These improved technology can be an advantage or a disadvantage for any firm. For an organization to turn these into an added advantage for their business growth, they need an Expert who can define, design and execute its strategies that will reduce your cost, drive business growth and bring more revenue for your firm.
Hack2Secure's IT consulting team with its innovative solutions and deep domain expertise can turn the tables around you. Our Consulting team are the bunch of industry experts with over 15years of experience in the industry and are focused exclusively on IT network Solutions.
They will use the "big picture" approach and their expertise to learn about your business goals, the gaps in the process, policies and other IT requirements. Then they will use the sophisticated methods and tools to reduce your implementation efforts and time with their flexible delivery options. Our team will assure you of the best results always whether it's optimizing for adoption or identifying new opportunities.


Facilitating business process definition: Hack2Secure will define business process, and all the stages of SDLC lifecycle.

Application Design and Configuration: It will guide you through to Initial Gap Analysis & Secure SDLC Framework Design and Application Configuration.

Systems integration design and configuration: H2S will integrate system design and its policies and configurations.

Implementation, testing and deployment: H2S will help you to implement Secure SDLC Process. It will also analyse the current implementation policies and provide required Implementation Policies, along with Security testing guidelines and will assist you in development and deployment.

Training development and delivery: H2S training will help your employees to understand the importance of SDLC and its process.

Application Administration: H2S will continuously help you with application administration, finding out any flaws, and rectifying them. 

Ongoing application support and consulting as requested: H2S will assign its consultants as per organisations requirements and on demand. We will give you support on the application development even after the contract period is over for defined period of time.

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