Information Security Services risk assessment

Security Risk Assessment and testing is a process of evaluating the strength of its Security Process and Technologies against alarming growth of Security attacks and malicious attack.  This Service will help organizations to test effectiveness of its defense systems and measuring IT risk associated with possible entry points in infrastructure like unauthorized access, bypassing access controls, illegal usage and theft of data or trying to change the functionality of an application.

Hack2Secure provides flexible and tailored made Security Analysis and Testing services modeled as per well-known industry models and standards to meet specific client requirements by evaluating the response of defense system or an entity. Adding to this, we provide unique threat model based customizable Security Testing services for two core assets of any organization,viz People and Data.


Security Auditing

Security auditing is a process of evaluating the security systems or application of an organisation, its configuration, User practices, software and information handling processes and physical access to the systems.

It is helpful for finding any vulnerabilities or Security Risk and Threats in the system.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing(VAPT)

Vulnerability Assessment is a process regular testing of a product to identify potential security risk and vulnerabilities in the system or in the application.

Penetration testing or Pen testing is a process of 'safely' exploiting the vulnerabilities discovered in any system or an application to effectively design the remediation measures.

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