Information Security Training incident handling management

An incident occurs when there is a data breach or violation of an organisation's security happens. Incident Handling means a response by a person or an organisation to an attack also known as Incident through planning, communication, and practice of the incident response process.
The goal of Hack2Secure's Incident Handling Training is to make security professionals aware of handling the situation is a way that will minimise the time cost and reduce the risks. Our comprehensive incident handling Training helps Security professional to effectively detect, defend, contain and remove a security attack, with minimum impact on business process.

Cyber Security Incident Handling(CSIH)

In spite of having so many procedures in place, Organisations might still get effected by threats and attacks. These are called Incidents. Organisations should know the process of handling these Incidents.

Hack2Secure's Cyber Security Incident Handling Certification is for the professionals who are into managing Security Incidents by understanding attack techniques, vectors and tools and thus ensure proper response and defense against such attacks when they occur.

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