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With the power of technology today everything relies on computers and internet now. Starting from communication to transportation, shopping, entertainment and what not. With this power comes a big threat. As much as it is becoming easier for the personnel or the organisation to access almost everything on the internet, it is also becoming a lot easier for the bad guy to gain access of the confidential resources.

Web Applications are unfortunately more prone to security risks. Web Security is all about detecting, preventing and responding against such attacks. Web Security solutions enable secure web connectivity for every device, user, and location, protecting organizations against sophisticated threats. 

To reduce the risk of these attacks, Secure Web Application development should be enhanced by applying security checkpoints and techniques at early stages of development as well as throughout the software development lifecycle. Effective Security Testing and Assessment is one of such step, that needs to be implemented and adopted effectively for Secure Software/Application development.

Live Online: Web Application Security Testing

Aligned with OWASP Web Application Security Top10 (2017) Risk & Testing Guide

Web Application Security Testing (WAST)


Web Application Security Testing or WAST is all about exploring different Security Tools & Techniques to analyze, test & evaluate different Web Security Risk and Attack Vectors

Hack2Secure's WAST program is based on Web Application Security Industry Standards and Best Practices and ensures Knowledge and understanding of Web Security Assessment requirements.

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Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing or AST workshop is all about exploring different Security Tools & Techniques required to analyze, test & evaluate different Web, Mobile and API based Application Security Risk and Attack Vectors.

This workshop ensures required Knowledge and understanding of Secure (Web, Mobile & API based) Application Assessment requirements.

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