Hack2Secure Announces Application Security Certification Challenge Program

Hack2Secure has always been proud of itself for providing outstanding security training and certification programs. This time we are back to announce our Application Security Cert Challenge Program. The comprehensive certification program aims to upgrade your security knowledge by enabling you to Learn, Explore and Evaluate your skills in application security testing.

This program is comprised of security certifications, free self-paced online sessions, and exclusive Rewards. Registering to this program gives you access to the Self-Paced Online Sessions on Application Security Testing and an opportunity to attempt WASD & ASTE Certification Exams.

Furthermore, professionals who passed both WASD & ASTE certification before December 30, 2017, become eligible to receive the complimentary access to Secure SDLC Self-Paced Sessions & SWADLP Cert Attempt Voucher. 

Program Details:

  • Last Date to Register for Challenge Exam: 30th October 2017
  • Last Date to Take Challenge Cert Exams: 30th December 2017 
  • Cost of Web Security Challenge Program: USD 500

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