Hack2Secure Announces Its Third Peerlyst Meetup Event

Bangalore, India 

Hack2Secure, the leading provider of Information Security Awareness And Training, is proud to announce that the company will host its next Information Security Meetup on 25th Nov 2017.

The event will have a particular focus on SQL injection: Types & Testing Methods, the most malicious and preferred attacking methods of the injection attack. The talk will focus on the root cause of the SQL injection flaws with simple, practical demonstrations to address how to mitigate them. 

Quick Event’s Details For Track:

Topic:  SQL Injection: Types & Testing Methods
Venue: Hack2Secure, Bangalore, India|  Google MAP |  www.hack2secure.com
Schedule: 25th Nov 2017 | Saturday | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Speaker:   Nitin Kotwal, CEO @ H2S

For more Details & RSVP, Click Here