Hack2Secure Launches Its Online Security Training Program

Hack2Secure, the top growing IT security training experts is now extending its service via launching their online training programs – meant for organizations and individuals along a spectrum; to those who want to learn from virtually anywhere and are considering enhancing their effectiveness.

Training intervention must consequently support candidates as they come across various skill levels.  Looking at the worldwide digital business environment and the unsurprising rise in the security threats, it is reasonable that security training approaches are becoming more popular. It gives knowledge to organisations to defend from such threats and continue business in a successful manner. This is where the Hack2Secure is a natural deliberation.
Nitin Kotwal, Founder, CEO @ Hack2Secure says “We are glad to extend our reach to professionals across the globe for our unique and in-demand Information Security Training programs.”

The online training program is button down into two modes: Live Online and Self-Paced. Analogous to their In-person training sessions, online training programs will empower the learners with motivation, engagement and performance level via its ultimate learning environment including access to its exclusive LAB and Certificate Exam Attempts.

Live Online Training: Intends to offer first-class security training anywhere over the internet. In addition to offering the same value of classroom training, trainees can get the opportunity for live virtual interaction with the instructors.

Currently Scheduled Programs:

Secure SDLC
Web Application Security Testing

Self-Paced Training Programs: Proposes to allow the trainees to absorb courses passively by reading the resources, manuals, guidelines, presentation slides and other e-learning features to increase their learning experience.

Currently Available Programs (In Pre-Launch Mode):

Secure SDLC
Web Application Security Testing
Incident Handling
Cloud Security

Interested in knowing the particulars of Self-Paced Online Training? Explore more at https://www.online.hack2secure.com/collections/self-paced

For more details, reach out to our support team at training@hack2secure.com