Hack2Secure announces Training Partnership with Vertice Infosystems

Hack2Secure announces another Training Partnership with Vértice Infosystems, to deliver its customised and In-depth Information Security programs to a wider audience.

Hack2Secure takes pride in announcing the new Training Partnership with Vértice Infosystems, a growing IT application and services providing company, based at Pune, India, to deliver Hack2Secure Training & Certification Programs across the region.

“Web Security Threats are increasing day by day and the consequences of these threats can be minimised by providing good knowledge to industry as well as individual and Hack2Secure Security programs are one of the best options to achieve this goal” says Dushyant Sharma, Founder & CEO @ Vértice Infosystems.

“We are keen to be partnering with Vértice Infosystems, which will help us mutually to spread our wings and reaching out to the audience who sees opportunities in IT Security domain” says Nitin Kotwal, CEO @Hack2Secure.          

With this exclusive Partnership, we aim to deliver in-depth, practical oriented, vendor independent Information Security programs aligned with both industry and business requirements. This also helps industry to bridge the exponentially increasing skill gap in cyber security, one of the fastest-growing careers globally.

About Vértice Infosystems [@Verticeinfo]

Vértice Infosystems team excels in multiple domains and offers development of customized IT Applications, Mobile Applications, Software Testing, and IT Services & Solutions.

Vértice Infosystems also provides Security trainings and certification programs under partnership with Hack2Secure. Our Training programs are designed by industry experts and can be customized as per specific requirement.

For more details, visit verticeinfosystems.com

About Hack2Secure [@Hack2Secure]

Hack2Secure excels in delivering intense, immersive and concept oriented Information Security Training sessions accompanied with globally proctored and delivered Certification programs. These sessions are incorporated with real time examples along with unique hands-on lab, allowing an individual to master the different aspects of Information Security as per industry recommended practices and requirement.

For more details, visit www.hack2secure.com

Hack2Secure Second Information Security Meetup

Bangalore, India 

Hack2Secure is all set to host another Information Security meetup event for Professionals, who are looking for new ideas, explore concepts, processes, skills and to create meaningful connections.

This event will focus on OWASP Top 10: Web Application Security Risks, which are treated as most critical and commonly found Security concerns in the Web Application. 

Quick details of Upcoming Event is listed below:

Topic: OWASP Top 10: Web Application Security Risks
Venue:  Hack2Secure, Bangalore, India | Google MAP | www.hack2secure.com 
Schedule: 28th Oct 2017 | Saturday | 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Speaker:   Nitin Kotwal, CEO @ H2S

For more Details & RSVP, Click Here

Hack2Secure Announces Application Security Certification Challenge Program

Hack2Secure has always been proud of itself for providing outstanding security training and certification programs. This time we are back to announce our Application Security Cert Challenge Program. The comprehensive certification program aims to upgrade your security knowledge by enabling you to Learn, Explore and Evaluate your skills in application security testing.

This program is comprised of security certifications, free self-paced online sessions, and exclusive Rewards. Registering to this program gives you access to the Self-Paced Online Sessions on Application Security Testing and an opportunity to attempt WASD & ASTE Certification Exams.

Furthermore, professionals who passed both WASD & ASTE certification before December 30, 2017, become eligible to receive the complimentary access to Secure SDLC Self-Paced Sessions & SWADLP Cert Attempt Voucher. 

Program Details:

  • Last Date to Register for Challenge Exam: 30th October 2017
  • Last Date to Take Challenge Cert Exams: 30th December 2017 
  • Cost of Web Security Challenge Program: USD 500

Explore More at:



Hack2Secure Launches Its Online Security Training Program

Hack2Secure, the top growing IT security training experts is now extending its service via launching their online training programs – meant for organizations and individuals along a spectrum; to those who want to learn from virtually anywhere and are considering enhancing their effectiveness.

Training intervention must consequently support candidates as they come across various skill levels.  Looking at the worldwide digital business environment and the unsurprising rise in the security threats, it is reasonable that security training approaches are becoming more popular. It gives knowledge to organisations to defend from such threats and continue business in a successful manner. This is where the Hack2Secure is a natural deliberation.
Nitin Kotwal, Founder, CEO @ Hack2Secure says “We are glad to extend our reach to professionals across the globe for our unique and in-demand Information Security Training programs.”

The online training program is button down into two modes: Live Online and Self-Paced. Analogous to their In-person training sessions, online training programs will empower the learners with motivation, engagement and performance level via its ultimate learning environment including access to its exclusive LAB and Certificate Exam Attempts.

Live Online Training: Intends to offer first-class security training anywhere over the internet. In addition to offering the same value of classroom training, trainees can get the opportunity for live virtual interaction with the instructors.

Currently Scheduled Programs:

Secure SDLC
Web Application Security Testing

Self-Paced Training Programs: Proposes to allow the trainees to absorb courses passively by reading the resources, manuals, guidelines, presentation slides and other e-learning features to increase their learning experience.

Currently Available Programs (In Pre-Launch Mode):

Secure SDLC
Web Application Security Testing
Incident Handling
Cloud Security

Interested in knowing the particulars of Self-Paced Online Training? Explore more at https://www.online.hack2secure.com/collections/self-paced

For more details, reach out to our support team at training@hack2secure.com

Hack2Secure Announces Virtual Network Entreprise As ATP

Hack2Secure announces its Accredited Training Partnership (ATP) with VIRTUAL NETWORK ENTREPRISE to work alongside the Association to help and deliver its well-known training programs in African countries.

Virtual Network Entreprise has signed a Training Partnership Agreement to becoming Hack2Secure Accredited Training Partner, which authorizes them to deliver Hack2Secure programs in Côte d’Ivoire, Africa, where demand for Information Security is increasing rapidly and aspirants see a promising future in Information security domain.

The missions of both Hack2Secure and Virtual Network Entreprise is focused on delivering required skills and validate knowledge of aspirants with their continuously improving information security programs to the industry.

“We have seen surge in demand and inquiries for the Hack2Secure programs across the globe, and following that Hack2Secure decided to work with Training Partners to ensure availability and seamless delivery of the training and certification programs to industry”, says Nitin Kotwal, CEO at Hack2Secure.

 “We look forward to working with Virtual Network Entreprise, to ensure our programs reaches to the wider audience who sees opportunities in IT Security domain.”

About Virtual Network Entreprise

Virtual Network Entreprise mission is “to validate information security professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required in a specialized information security domain. That will help them avert a cyber conflict, should the need ever arise.” Virtual Network Entreprise is committed to uphold the highest level of impartiality and objectivity in its domain.

With his partner’s Virtual Network Entreprise is proud to have trained and certified over 1500 information security professionals in Africa.

For more details, http://www.vne-ci.com

About Hack2Secure

Hack2Secure excels in delivering intensive, immersion Information Security Training sessions accompanied with globally deliverable Certification programs. These theoretical sessions incorporated with real time examples along with unique hands-on lab allows an individual to master the different aspects of Information Security as per industry requirement and practices. 

Hack2Secure is also ranked as one of 10 Best (upcoming) Security Companies in India by Silicon Review Magazine due to its unique Training & Certification programs.
Ref: https://www.hack2secure.com/pressrelease/hack2secure-ranked-as-10-best-security-companies-in-2017

Hack2Secure Ranked As 10 Best Security Companies in 2017

June 5th 2017 (Bangalore, India) - The Silicon Review Magazine launches its monthly magazine edition and this time it takes an interesting look at the “10 Best Security Companies in 2017”, to give its readers an insight of Security Companies and what they are doing to stay ahead in market.

The Magazine featured Hack2Secure yet again as one of the “10 Best Security Companies in 2017”.

According to the Magazine Editor, Hack2Secure has positioned itself strongly among the market with an unflinching commitment to bring improvement in IT Security Sector, including solutions of security issues, compliance adherence and Security Awareness.

It says, “Hack2Secure offers IT Security Professional Services to provide ways to stay ahead of Security Threats through adaptive and proactive Security methods. Currently focussing primarily on Software Security, the company provision end-to-end security programs in this vertical”.

While speaking to the Magazine Editors, Nitin Kotwal, CEO, Hack2Secure said,

“Our Industry Standard Oriented, Domain focused Programs assists organizations to adopt, align and integrate Security at every phase of their SDL”

Hack2Secure is one of Industry leader delivering vendor independent Information Security Certification, Training & Service programs. Its Professional Certification programs are proctored and globally delivered via Pearson VUE channel.

Read more about Hack2Secure Profile at:

Hack2Secure ranked as one of the 30 Best TECH Companies in INDIA

May 5th 2017 (Bengaluru, India) - The Silicon Review Magazine has launched its Quarterly Edition on May 2017 and Hack2Secure has been named as one of the “30 Best TECH Companies in India”.

According to the Magazine,

“Hack2Secure is one of the leading firm which excels in “Information Security” Domain and offers customized IT programs, including Training, Services and Solutions. These programs are designed by industry experts.”

The Magazine issue addresses the best TOP TECH Companies in India, along with their Solutions to cope with the challenges of emerging Technology driven environment. The other IT companies in the list are SAP India, Intex Technologies, CSS Corp and more as the Top 30 best TECH Companies in India.

As mentioned in the magazine, Nitin, CEO and Founder of Hack2Secure said,

"Currently we are one of the few organizations globally which is equipped with Capability and Resources to deliver customizable Security Programs..”

Hack2Secure is a leading provider of Information Security Certification, Training & Services. Its Professional Certification programs are globally Proctored and delivered via Pearson VUE channel.

SiliconReview List of 30 Best Tech Companies in India, 2017 

Read Hack2Secure Profile 

Hack2Secure ranked as one of the 25 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies in INDIA

March 6, 2017 (Bengaluru, India) – Hack2Secure proudly announces its appearance in “THE CEO MAGAZINE" India as one of the “TOP 25 Growing Cyber Security Companies” in INDIA. 

The CEO Magazine has launched its VOL 2 | ISSUE 4 | March 2017, and it talk about the Top 25 Growing Cyber Security companies in India. According to the Magazine Hack2Secure is the one stop solution for all your IT Security needs. 

When asked about the Services Hack2Secure Provides, our CEO and Founder Nitin Kotwal said “Our unique, dedicated and in-depth understanding of domain, help clients to view IT Security from Attacker’s prospect, leveraging real-time techniques to showcase risk, Vulnerabilities and Threats in their environment and also assess their implications on the business”. 

This Issue of THE CEO MAGAZINE address the challenges related to the cyber security and how the enterprises are rolling out robust solutions. According to the magazine’s editorial staffs, “Hack2Secure excels in delivering the intensive security training and services to master the practical steps necessary for defending systems against the dangerous security threats.”

Hack2Secure is a leading provider of Information Security Certification,Training & Services. Hack2Secure Certifications are globally Proctored and delivered via Pearson VUE. 

Magazine Issue

Read Hack2Secure Profile in TheCEO India Magazine

TheCEOMagazine Site

Launch of Secure SDLC Certification SWADLP

Hack2Secure announces the Launch of its Secure SDLC Certification Program – SWADLP

After several months of anticipation, Hack2Secure is now ready to launch its Certification Program on Secure SDLC process and practices, Secure Web Application Development LifeCycle Practitioner (SWADLP). This Certificate will be Proctored and Globally deliverable by Pearson VUE, World’s Leading Certification organization, from 1st March 2017.

SWADLP Certificate aims to meet the critical market need to ensure Professionals are aware of Application Security Challenges, Threats, Standards, Best Practices and assurance methodologies along with hands-on implementation level knowledge and skill-sets to integrate Security as per their Roles and Responsibilities.

SWADLP is based on globally recognized Security Standards and Industry Best Practices to ensure knowledge and understanding of Secure Application Development requirements. It walks through 7 phases of Software Development and provide required strategies and processes to integrate Security at every level.  This certificate program will offer broad-spectrum validation of knowledge and skills required to apply security into Application development with the use of threat detection tools and methodologies to identify vulnerabilities and risks to organisations. 

“Hack2Secure have developed a comprehensive and Professional Security workshops that is been created by industry security experts. Since now, world is more focus on Technology and want to learn Information Security skills to save their information and data from any threat, we thought this is the right time to initiate our Certificate to make organisations more aware Security best practices”, says Nitin, CEO at Hack2Secure. 
Hack2Secure has chosen, widely accredited and award-wining proctored environment of Pearson VUE to ensure easy and seamless Global Program delivery for Candidates.

The Certification can be obtained by passing the SWADLP Examination at any PearsonVUE Authorised Testing Center from 1st March 2017. The exam consists of 90 Questions and needs to be completed in 150 minutes. Minimum of 60% marks will be required to earn the SWADLP Certificate. 

SWADLP Certification program is open for all Candidates. According to Certificate Development Team at Hack2Secure, “It is not limited to any particular domain. Whether you are a Tester, a developer, an Architect or from the Management domain, there is something for all here. It is also not compulsory to take the certification training before you appear for the exam. If you are confident enough about your subject knowledge then you can go ahead with the exam and obtain the certification”.

Official PearsonVUE Press release

Candidates can find out more information about SWADLP and download the exam outline at https://www.hack2secure.com/swadlp

To Register for SWADLP Exam, visit www.pearsonvue.com/hack2secure

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