secure software development lifecycle consultation

We assist Software Development Teams to Define, Design or to Optimize their existing Software Development process by integrating security as an essential consideration across phases. Our Team of Security experts will assist Organizations to evaluate, adopt and implement Industry accepted Software Security Assurance models and Frameworks. We ensure effectively measurable process along with adoption of Security Standards and Industry Practices for Secure Product Development.

Standard & Framework Adoption

Secure SDLC Frameworks & Standards:

Security Best Practices:

  • CERT Secure Coding Guidelines
  • OWASP & Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recommended practices 
  • NIST & FIPS guidelines

Industry Security Standards:

  • PCI DSS                                              
  • HIPAA            .. & many more

Phase#1: Initial Gap Analysis & Secure SDLC Framework Design

  • Perform Initial Gap Analysis
  • Review existing SDLC process & policies
  • Design & Propose Secure SDLC Framework

Phase#2: Documentation & Process Creation

A. Planning & Requirement Collection
  • Define Secure SDLC process Scope, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Data Classification and Risk Measurement Process
  • Product Security Requirements/Policies/Baselines
  • Process to Handle Open Source/3rd Party Software
  • Build Security Checklist for Project/Program Managers
  • Define Security Quality Gates

B. Secure Design, Implementation & Verification

  • Secure Design Policy and Review Guidelines
  • Threat Modeling Process & Methodology
  • Adoption of Secure Coding Standards and Best Practices
  • Develop Guidelines to defend against Common Security Attacks
  • Adoption of Security Testing Best Practices & Reference Documentation

C. Review, Response & Maintenance

  • Application Security Review Process & Response Plan
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Policy
  • Patch Management Policy

Phase#3: Develop & Implement

  • Secure SDLC Dashboard
  • Tracking 3rd party Vulnerabilities
  • Security Testing Lab & Tools Deployment

Secure SDLC Consulting: Key Highlights

    Integrate Security across SDLC phases

    Enhance existing SDL for Secure SDLC adoption

    Works for both Waterfall & Agile Development models

    In-sync with Industry Security Standards and Frameworks

    Building Secure SDLC Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

    Enhance Assurance Checklist for Security Requirements

    Define measurable Security Quality Gates

    Secure Design and Threat Modeling process integration

    Security Risk Management Process

    Adopt Secure Coding and Review processes

    Security Testing Lab & Tools Deployment

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